Fiberglass Pools

Homeowners Love Fiberglass Pools

Why do homeowners love fiberglass pools? Homeowners love inground fiberglass swimming pools because they are durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and quick to get installed. The benefits and advantages of fiberglass pools make it a desirable option for many homeowners.

A Pool for Everyone

We’ve got a pool for everyone so go ahead and browse your options.

Find an Installer

We have partnered with amazing installers all across the US. Find a “Sonora Authorized Installer” near you.

Become an Installer

Become an installer for Sonora Fiberglass Pools. We love teaming up with excellent installers to provide top notch install experiences for our customers

We’ve got a pool for everyone so go ahead and browse your options.

We’ve got a pool for everyone so go ahead and browse your options.

We’ve got a pool for everyone so go ahead and browse your options.

Simple Steps To Get Your Pool

Getting your inground fiberglass pool is simple. Follow the steps below to get a fiberglass pool in your backyard

Step 1. Choose Your Pool

The 1st step is to browse our pools and identify which pool might suite your backyard and specific design and use needs.

Step 2. Find an Installer

Discover the perfect installer for your fiberglass pool with these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to our homepage.
  2. Look for the Find an Installer button in the header or explore dedicated sections on our site.
  3. Click on the button to access our Find an Installer page.
  4. Browse through our network of skilled partners and connect with the ideal installer for your project.
Step 3. Schedule Install with Dealer

The 3rd step after choosing your pool and contacting us will be to purchase the pool and schedule an install with one of our authorized and certified pool installation dealers.

What makes fiberglass pools great?

Fiberglass pools offer numerous advantages, from quick installation to long-lasting durability, making them a popular choice. They require minimal maintenance, cleaning, and chemicals, thanks to their less porous surface. Fiberglass pools are resistant to sun damage, algae growth, and perform well against salt and hard water. Their efficient heating properties further contribute to cost savings and prolonged enjoyment

The Sonora PoolsCollection

Every home is different, and we have a pool for every home. Browse our collection by size below, or visit our Pools section for a broader range of pool products.

Discover Excellence of Sonora Pools

Experience the allure of Sonora Pools through our captivating promo video. Homeowners adore our inground fiberglass swimming pools for their durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and swift installation. Explore the many benefits that make Sonora Pools a sought-after choice among homeowners.

The Sonora Pool Experience

Elevate your home with the perfect pool from Sonora Pools. Explore our curated collection tailored to fit every home’s unique style and size. Find your ideal pool or dive into our full range of pool products in the Pools section

We’ll help you find the right pool

There are so many pool options out there it can be overwhelming. We’ll help you pinpoint the most suitable pool for your family and b

Connecting you to an Authorized Installer

Our  Authorized and Certified Pool Installers are ready to install your pool quickly and effectively as soon as you’ve chosen the right pool.

Maintenance & Upgrade Support

We provide you with premium service, products, maintenance, and backyard upgrades to sustain the fun for a lifetime.

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