Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Pools

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Texas homeowners have long aspired to domestic bliss. You’ve worked hard for your picket fence, lush green lawn, big honking barbecue, and an inground swimming pool to make your house the neighborhood hub.

Most of this ideal–a version of the American dream–has merit. We want our homes to be equipped for comfort and good times. Is there any other way to raise a family?

Sadly, hypotheticals and ideals don’t often live up to our expectations in practice. For instance, investing in traditional inground pools frequently yields disappointed customers who regret their investment.

What Are The Problems With Traditional Inground Pools?

Maintaining your property is an integral part of homeownership. For many, it’s a source of pride and actually enjoyable. However, your enjoyment can wane when your maintenance tasks and chores feel like a never-ending, uphill battle.

Keeping a traditional inground pool in good condition isn’t the same as BBQ maintenance, mowing the lawn, or scrubbing the floors in your kitchen. Instead, it’s an enormous burden that’ll make you question why you shelled out the $30,000 to $70,000 to install it.

(Note that when using there term “traditional inground pools,” we’re referring to concrete and gunite.)

With inground pools, you’re stuck cleaning dirt off the floors and walls to prevent algae from forming. Dirt also adheres to the liner, which is a pain to clean. 

Maintenance costs are also sky-high.

One fiberglass pool installer from Canada cites the cost of resurfacing gunite/concrete pools at $12,000 to $15,000. This work needs to be done about every 12 years. It also costs up to $5,000 per wash, required every three to five years. 

We’ll reiterate that these are costs in Canada. Pricing will vary based on location. Still, these prices from north of the border illustrate how costs can mount long after the substantial upfront installation fees. 

On top of those maintenance issues, you’ll likely need to pay for paint and liner replacements.

Plus, traditional pools demand heavy energy utilization to keep the water at an ideal temperature. Utilities are already expensive enough in Texas! 

Furthermore, conventional inground pools take weeks to install. The whole process is cumbersome, disrupting your–and your family’s–daily routines. 

Are There Any Alternatives To Traditional Inground Pools?

You don’t want the headaches associated with owning traditional inground pools, of which plenty exist. 

However, you have a collective of people living in your home who’d thrive with a swimming pool in the backyard. 

This aquatic feature offers exercise, fun, and a central social hub for family and friends. 

For example, is a summertime grill-out truly authentic without a contingent of your nearest and dearest splashing around your pool, hooting and hollering?

A pool can benefit almost any household in warmer climates like Shiner and San Antonio. 

Unlike states with cooler temperatures waiting until June to open up, Texas residents can often pull off the tarp in mid-March. You also get to close your pool later. Maximum usage means optimal value…if not for the many pitfalls presented by traditional inground options. 

If you wanted to avoid the maintenance, you could try out an above-ground pool–but let’s be serious, those aren’t for everyone. Aesthetically, above-ground pools often don’t jive with the scenery and can be a clunky addition to any home.

How do you maximize the benefits of a swimming pool while reducing maintenance-related hassles and financial pitfalls? You hire the best fiberglass pool installers Shiner and San Antonio have to offer. 

Why Should You Invest In The Best Fiberglass Pools Shiner Has To Offer?

We’ll say it outright–fiberglass pools are your answer if you want the positives of owning a pool while minimizing the negatives. Here’s why:

Fiberglass Pools Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic.

You don’t have to settle for an above-ground pool to avoid long-term costs and intensive maintenance. Fiberglass pools typically entail modern and sleek designs. They blend seamlessly into your backyard, enhancing your aesthetic and making your property an even more significant source of pride than it already is. 

Fiberglass Pools Are Famously Durable. 

Fiberglass pools could rightfully use the old Chevy “Like A Rock” tagline due to their stalwart durability on the exterior and interior. 

While you still need to maintain your fiberglass pool (albeit far less than traditional pools), fiberglass pools can last well over 30 years. Some sources claim that well-maintained and well-constructed fiberglass pools can last up to 50 years.

Fiberglass Pools Require Minimal Maintenance. 

Fiberglass pools have non-porous surfaces resistant to algae growth. Also, fiberglass stands tall against the chemicals used to sanitize pool water. 

Therefore, you won’t have to scrub the pool walls for hours on end. Nor must you waste time balancing and adding chemicals until everything’s just right. 

Fiberglass pools also don’t require hole-patching or acid-washing like traditional installations. 

These benefits offer heightened convenience and a healthier bank account.

Fiberglass Pools Are A Practical Long-Term Investment.

Over the long haul, you won’t need to pay nearly as much for fiberglass pools. They don’t require frequent resurfacing or acid washing like concrete/gunite.

Provided you take care of your pool, it may need to be resurfaced every two-plus decades. Concrete and gunite generally must be resurfaced twice as often.

Fiberglass Pool Installations Are Seamless And Time Efficient. 

While traditional inground pools can take eons to install, the top fiberglass pool Shiner offers can do the job quickly. You don’t have to worry about the sounds of loud construction equipment giving you earaches and headaches for weeks on end.

Fiberglass installers make it a point to be in and out, so you can start using your pool ASAP.

Finding The Top Pool Installer Shiner And San Antonio Have To Offer.

The high lifetime value and overall enjoyment gleaned from a fiberglass swimming pool depend primarily on the installation quality. Hiring the top fiberglass pool installers Shiner and San Antonio offer could be the difference between a long-term boon and an immediate dud.

As such, approach the purchasing process with high expectations when seeking the best fiberglass pools Shiner and San Antonio have to offer.

For instance, the installer should only use the highest quality fiberglass and offer versatile design options to suit your home’s aesthetic. Plus, they should provide a vast selection of sizes, shapes, and models. 

Moreover, the top fiberglass pool installers in Shiner will work fast, outpacing the competition.

Top fiberglass pool dealers in Shiner and San Antonio follow stringent quality-control practices with rigorous testing processes. This way, your fiberglass pool is guaranteed to be made with materials that endure for decades, offering you endless usage and good times.

Ask These Questions To Your Fiberglass Pool Installers.

Below are questions you should ask any prospective fiberglass pool installers Shiner has to offer its residents:

Question 1:

Does this pool come with a warranty?

Any fiberglass pool installer will trust their work enough to back it with a warranty. They want their customers to have peace of mind and trust in the craftsmanship.

Question 2:

Was the pool shell built on a level surface?

Pool shells should be built on level surfaces to prevent future damage and increase durability. Ensuring your pool shell is made to this specification could add years to your fiberglass pool’s lifespan. 

Question 3:

Do I have to worry about the temperature of my fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools retain heat better than concrete or gunite pools. They also heat up faster. As such, you save on electricity over the long run since less energy is needed to heat your pool. 

Ask this question to your installer to ensure they’re the real deal. If they can’t make you this promise, the installer isn’t using top-tier fiberglass. Thus, they won’t perform the installation you deserve. 

Question 4:

What can I expect during the fiberglass pool installation process?

The steps you can expect during a fiberglass pool installation are as follows:

  • Depending on the pool size, the pool process can take up to a couple of days.
  • Once the pool arrives at your home, it will be unloaded by your dealer’s team.
  • Fitting and plumbing installations will commence.
  • The excavated hole is filled with a two-inch layer of crushed stone (or similar material) to prevent the pool from shifting and setting over time.
  • After being placed into the hole, the pool is leveled.
  • The installation team will install the filter system.
  • Backfill is done around the pool while the installation team fills the pool with water to equalize the pressure on both sides.
  • A pool inspection occurs.
  • The surrounding patio and pool coping are installed.
  • A pool fence may be installed for safety reasons–ask your pool builder about this feature.

Want to work with the top fiberglass pool installers Shiner and San Antonio has to offer? Contact Sonora Pools today and speak with one of our representatives. 

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